Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One of the most important aspect to owning a web site or any web presence online is getting people to visit your site. Once they find you, it will depend on the content of your site that will keep them there. So how do you go about getting the traffic to your web site in the first place?

Most people nowadays find everything they need online by using one of the hundreds of search engines. With that said, how can help your page show up more prominently on search results? One of the most widely used techniques is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This involves knowing a lot about how the search engines work and this takes skill and training. TN3 SEO & Online Marketing

Finding people or companies that possess these crucial skills is a tricky proposition and usually takes a bit of research in itself. Fortunately, I have found a great resource for SEO and another another technique for getting more traffic to your website. The website is called TN3 Productions and can be found at TN3 SEO & Online Marketing

They specialize in helping people improve their web traffic by using SEO and another technique called PPC.

SEO Techniques:

There are numerous techniques that use both web site design and content driven that are used by specialists in the field of SEO. The people at TN3 have many many years of combined experience in the field of search engine optimization. On this website you can click on the button labeled testimonials and it will give examples of web sites that they were contracted to use their expertise in the area of SEO.

They have been helping businesses and individuals with their SEO expertise since 1999 and they hope to help you. You see, their services can save you time and money. By contracting their services all you will need to do is sit back and watch the traffic and money roll in.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click marketing or promoting. This type of technique will also improve your web sites traffic and it too involves skill and training. Since most web site owners do not have time to learn how to use PPC to help them generate traffic, TN3 has it as part of their services they offer to their clients.

Some of the benefits of using PPC for traffic generation are as follows:

● 24/7 advertising ● Cost Effective ● Trackable results ● Great ROI (return on investment) ● Brand awareness

In conclusion, if you are a web site owner and you are looking to improve traffic to your site and improve your return of investment. Click here and it will take you to their website and you can see everything for yourself.
Are you looking to take a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam soon and looking for a good hotel to make reservations? If so, you really need to consider the Sunway Hotel Hanoi. It is situated in the Hai Ba Trung neighborhood of Hanoi. Which is very close to several very cool places for you to see while you there like:

● Hanoi Opera House, ● Hoan Kiem Lake ● Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre ● Temple of Literature ● Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The Sunway Hotel Hanoi is one of many Hanoi Hotels in the area and is beautiful and full of all the amenities you could need to make it very enjoyable stay. It includes all of the usual things like a in house restaurant, room service and fitness center. Now for real benefits like free breakfast, high speed Internet in your room and they have suites available.

The rooms are extremely comfortable with very comfortable beds. Each room features wireless Internet access and for an additional cost you can rent a computer from the hotel. Each room also comes with televisions with cable and satellite channels.

The hotel staff is very courteous and also very attentive. The food is excellent and very reasonably priced as well. The Sunway is the only hotel in Hanoi,Vietnam that has filtered tap water throughout the hotel.

The Sunway Hotel Hanoi also includes a suana, health club and fitness center that gives you all the benefits of a luxury resort hotel and the only negative would be it is missing a pool and area for you to relax on a lounge chair in the sun.

For an added cost you can take advantage of the round trip shuttle to and from the airport. There is a concierge desk, giftshop, newstand and laundry rooms.

In conclusion, the Sunway Hotel Hanoi in Hanoi, Vietnam is a 4 star hotel that is close to many attractions and is located in a very nice neighborhood. They offer many amenities that are sure to make your next stay very enjoyable.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Forget Outsourcing your work.....Try Go Insource instead

Finding time to finish projects without having to outsource can be a very expensive proposition for many mid-sized or large national businesses. What would you do If you find yourself in that kind of situation and your boss is hounding you about getting an urgent project finished. More likely, you would be on the phone looking for a local source that could get it done in time.

What if I could tell you that I know of company that has a very simple solution and it is relatively cheap. The solution is based on the concept of Insourcing (harnessing the power of the employees you already have). The program is called Go Insource and it so simple you might wonder why you never thought of it yourself.

Say you have three branch locations across the country and all three are interconnected by a single computer network you can use this to get jobs down that your location. By using this program you would post an ad for a project that you need to have completed at date and time. When users log in to the dashboard they would see your ad posted and if they have the necessary skill set or ability to complete the job you had posted they would accept it and complete it.

Imagine how much that could save your company from having to outsource an important project to get it completed on time. Harnessing the power of ones own resources is not a new concept, IT departments have been using a similar idea to increase computing power by combining multiple computers together to increase processing power for applications that need increased processing time without having to buy more powerful servers.

The Go Insource dashboard has a very easy to use interface making it very easy to install and train your people on how to use it. Once it is installed you will immediately see the benefits to the entire company.

The following are some benefits I have identified:

For the company

● No additional HR/Recruitment costs
● Possibly complete elimination of outsourcing
● Reduce production peaks and valleys
● Using people that are already trained

For your employees
● Give them opportunity to showcase untapped skills
● Opportunity to collaborate on a larger project
● Enhancing cross training
● feeling of contributing to important projects outside of their current job

This seems like a very simple solution to a difficult problem that many companies deal with on a regular basis. If this sounds like something that may benefit you company, click here and it will take you to the site for more details about the program.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Do you find your self struggling to get ahead in your job or having trouble dealing with your kids misbehavior and you just don't where to turn. Then this website just might be the answer to your prayers. This program was developed to improve your life by "Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind". By using this self help program you will be able to improve many aspects of your life including; Boost Concentration & Memory and Increase Self Esteem just to name a few.

The website called Mindmaster is really well designed and it includes an introductory video explaining the program and how it works. You will also find a section covering numerous clinical studies regarding the use of subliminal messages to improve memory and self esteem issues. The use of subliminal messages is not really a new concept, in fact the US government banned the use of subliminal messages in television ads because they believed that a person could be mislead into making purchases just by superimposing images or words into the television commercials.

Fortunately, the government did not completely ban the use of the technology and it is currently perfectly legal to use this type of software for personal self improvement. People From All Over the World Are Realizing How Powerful This Software Is! Today subliminal technology is being used for personal development purposes by millions of people worldwide! Including Fortune 500 companies, motivational coaches, athletes, CEOs, celebrities, students, housewives, computer programmers, and even the US Government.

How does it work?

Subliminal messages are affirmations that bypass your skeptical awareness and go straight to your more receptive subconscious mind--which produces thrilling improvements to your mind, your attitude, your self-image, your habits--whatever you've chosen to heal or help.

After you make the purchase of the system and download the program to your computer and install the program you will be asked to select affirmation image and words that will be used by the program to establish the subliminal messages you will see and hear.

The website also has dozens of written testimonials from dozens of very happy people just thrilled with the Mindmaster program. You will also find several video testimonials from people very happy with their purchase.

Along with the program you will receive many valuable bonuses (worth over $260.00) and they include:

and more....

In conclusion, this program boasts the ability to help you vastly improve your life and it uses proven technologies that have been studies by numerous academic and medical organizations. Even the government must have believed that the technology had the ability to influence a persons decision making process that they felt they needed to ban it back in 1974. So if you are looking for some help with issues of memory and self esteem issues then this is just what you are looking for.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Global Success Club

Global Success Club

Are you looking for that work from home opportunity that will pay the bills and allow you to enjoy spending more time with your family. If that sounds like you, then this opportunity is right up your alley. The Global Success Club is a great sounding business opportunity that claims to help you earn more than $8000.00 per month in 90days.

The website is very well designed and gives you tons of information about the complete system that you will receive if you decide to sign up to receive the system. To get to website you will need to click on this link and request the information. After you fill out the form with your name and email address, you receive the link to the website. Once you get to the website you will see for yourself that you can go "From Zero to $8300/month in 90days, even if you tried and failed before".

The site features videos explaining the full system to proof of income through examples of Clickbank transaction pages that shows you what you can expect to happen to you if you implement their system. You will also find many testimonial videos from some of the more than 4000 people that have made the decision to try out this system and found success.

The system boasts training on how to make the system work for you and the list of top trainers will blow you away:

* Tony Robbins
* Bob Proctor
* Jack Canfield
* Jerry Clark
* Les Brown
* Frank Kern
* John Reese
* Jeff Walker
* ...and many, many others!

To make it really easy for you to get started they have an offer that they hope you cannot resist; a $1.00 sign up fee that is actually a donation to Feed the Children. After you pay the initial $1.00 sign up fee, you will be given 7 days to kick the tires, so to speak. You can look around and see the actual system and see if it is right for you. After looking at the system for 7 days and you decide that you want to move forward you will start the monthly subscription fee of $97.00 (the normal monthly subscription is $397.00).

Global Success Club goes one step further in that they also offer you a 60day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with their system. If this sounds like something you want to look into for your self, click here and get started.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

King of the Infomercial

Are you one of those people that like to watch infomercials all the time, but never buy the products. You probably know by now that if wait a while they will end up in your local Walmart or large chain drug stores. They are hard to miss with the big graphics saying"As Seen on TV" plastered all over the box.

I am one of those people that can't get enough of product after product being hocked on TV. I have bought a few items in the past and was not happy with them because they were not as they seemed on TV. So I started wondering if there were any web sites online that had reviewsfrom consumers that have actually bought these products so I could find out if they were worth spending my hard earned dollars.

I figured the only way I was going to find out was to go to my computer and bring up Google and find out for myself. So that is what I did, I typedin As seen on tv into the google search box and hit search. To my surprise one of the search results was a web site called It seemed to be the perfect fit for what I was looking for.

I clicked the link and up popped the web site and it looks very nice. The web site is very easy to navigate and very clean. As the site name says, they rank the top 10 As seen on TV products. They also provide consumer reviews of these products so you can see what other people think of these Top 10 products. Besides the Top 10 ranking you can also so listings of many other products by looking through the left side bar by clicking the links.When you click on any of the 11 Product Categories it will take you to a new page with another Top 10 listing.

I don't want to go through the whole Top 10 list of As Seen on TV in this review, but I will talk about the # 1 product listed in their list. The #1 As Seen on TV according to this web site is Nutrisystem. I am sure most of you have heard of Nutrisystem by now, but if you are not familiar with it and need some great information, this is a great resource for you. Along with all of the great information you will find a whole lot of reviews posted by people that have used Nutrisystem.

I conclusion, is great resource web site for everyone looking for reviews on the products that you see being pushed on all of those infomercials on TV.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A little bit of French cuisine on a Balinese Hillside

If you are looking to take a trip to Bali in the near future, you really need to plan a visit to a wonderful fine-dining restaurant in Ubud Bali, called CasCades. CasCades is one of the best restaurants in Ubud Bali, and it is part of the Ubud luxury boutique hotel Viceroy Bali.

Cascades Restaurant is nestled high atop the Petanu river gorge below, making it a peaceful place to enjoy your meal while admiring the fabulous valley view. Speaking of the meals, the extensive menu at this French restaurant in Ubud Bali boasts of French cuisine with an Asian twist .

Along with all of the great food, you will be presented with a wine list that has more than 150 fine wines from all over the world. After your meal, you can continue to sit back and enjoy the peaceful surroundings at the bar of this fine-dining restaurant in Ubud Bali . If you want to see a sample of the foods served, check out their website for extensive menus and pictures.

Cascades Restaurant features open Balinese pavilions and thatched roofs laid out with contemporary flair that maximises the expansive fabulous views of the valley below.

Depending on what time of the day you visit this French restaurant in Ubud Bali , the atmosphere is breathtaking serene and almost surreal. Early morning and early evenings give you an unrivalled, clear breath taking view of the beautiful valley below. In the evenings, candles on every table of this fine-dining restaurant in Ubud Bali add a special touch to your evening meal, making it a very charming, elegant and very romantic meal for two, especially if you are on your honeymoon or a couple's vacation in Ubud, Bali.

The staff of CasCades fine-dining restaurant in Ubud Bali take extreme pride in providing impeccable service to all diners, while the highly trained and experienced chef is able to amend the dishes to fit special dietary requests where possible.

If you happen to visit Bali during the time of the month when it is a full moon night, CasCades French restaurant in Ubud Bali presents a special Full Moon Dinner & Dance. This consists of a 2-hour traditional Balinese dance performance by a Balinese dance troupe while you savor a traditional Balinese Rijsttafel sampler meal. You can check out the calendar of events at CasCades on their website for when the Full Moon Dinner & Dance events are held.

CasCades Restaurant has received several top awards including Awards of Excellence in 2007-08 (from the Wine Spectator USA), and Indonesia's Best Restaurant 2007 by American Express and Indonesia Tattler for its exceptional cuisine and service.

For a memorable time in Ubud Bali, I would highly recommend you to arrange dinner at the CasCades Restaurant.